“House for Sale”

(Nov 2013)

“An Angel passed by. They are our memories. They are our remembering.”

Elaborate and exquisite stories are revealed in this elegant south facing property with some period features. As you would expect in a property of this age there are some cracks and evidence of subsidence but we prefer to call them laugh lines.

Memories of past and present are brought to life in this site specific project where each room tells a different story. A pair of maids prepare a ceremonial cup of tea, a man dreams of his golfing days, a daughter waits to see if her mother will ever return home whilst she is watched by three shadowy figures. Funny, moving, with live music, drama and dance, House for Sale is about our sense of community and our need to belong.

The journey to the property is short but please come prepared for outdoor weather. Please also come prepared for an unforgettable world of delight!

Director: James Williams
Producer: Patricia O’Sullivan

Choreographer: Aleksandra Jones