(July 2015)

“Larvae” follows on from our successful dance /movement showcase “M: Brio”, which was presented in September 2014 at the Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport. It is the 2nd phase of our Ffynnon Collective project “Metamorfoza” and based on the 4 stages of human development.

“Larvae” is the story about our external world, reflected through our internal thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories which we experience through our lives.

Are we looking to or are we are looking from? What can we see as an individual, and what can we see as a group? How do we use that experience for our own development and wellbeing? Our environment is our reflection, what we are doing about that? Are we mobile or immobile? Are we limited in self- expression? Do we really need a frame or structures? Are we really independent?

Our development in the Larvae stage can be reflected as defiant and proud, flawless and imprecise, always changing. Completely unpredictable, sometimes furious and loud, sometimes lost at times curious, sometimes almost invisible but deep-rooted.

The Larvea process, is likened to a puberty stage, where our behaviour is stimulated by hormonal signals impacting our growth, function and transformation of the brain, bones, muscles, blood, skin,…

“Larvae” is set to focus on the physical growth of the performers, so in dance terms it looks at the morphological- more internal changes reflecting to outward appearance, building the shape, structure, colour and pattern of the human body.

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