From Concept to Reality!

Ffynnon Collective is an innovative and practical approach to research and development. By working ‘collectively’ with participants, practitioners and partners, Ffynnon Collective will establish itself as an exciting incubator; developing ‘living methodologies’, which will bring theory and practise together in one place. In turn, the methodology will generate a rich seam of data and evidence to support our fundamental belief that “active participation in creative expression improves mental, physical and emotional health and well-being, as well as contributes to both personal and professional development and growth”.

For the initial 2 year period, Ffynnon Collective’s activity will focus on ‘dance’ in general and ‘movement’ specifically with Creative Associate/Choreographer Alexandra Jones. We would hope to include other art forms as we progress this initiative.

The Ffynnon Collective approach is characterised by:

– promotion, developing and producing scientific, technical and artistic knowledge of the highest standard

– encouraging research, innovation and entrepreneurial ideas for adapting to the changing establishing a cultural-educational and artistic resource centre, which will support community development

– making a nourishing contribution to the community re-generation/ transformation agenda

– challenging convention in order to improve/ push the boundaries of the way we work, interact and enrich the lives of people with learning difficulties and mental health issues

– giving us the courage to test our new thinking in order to achieve improved outcomes

– needs of society

This initiative “Metamorfoza, will introduce an approach to working with individuals which combines neuroscience and movement to enrich knowledge and understanding of self (participant) as well as provide a platform for the professional development of creative professionals and educators (practitioners).