“LARVAE – Understanding, Growth”

Larvae is a piece of dance theatre presenting the second stage of the Metamorfoza project based on the 4 stages of development of the being.

Larvae is the story about our external world reflected by internal thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories through our life.

Are we looking to or we are looking from? What we can see individually and what we can see as a group and use that experience for our development and wellbeing. Our environment is our reflection, what we are doing about that? Are we mobile or immobile? Is it any limitation to express our selves? Do we really need frames and structures? Are we really independent?

Larvae is a defiant and proud, flawless and imprecise, lost and curious, always changing, completely unpredictable, sometimes furious and loud, sometimes almost invisible but deep-rooted.

Processing Larvae stage is like a puberty stage in life where our behaviour is stimulated by hormonal signals impacting our growth, function and transformation of the brain, bones, muscles, blood, skin.